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2016/01/08 Announcement regarding establishment of subsidiary in Indonesia

HIVEC subsidiary company was established in West Jawa state Indonesia,
one of the biggest automotive and related market in South East Asia.


Company Overview
Establishment   : Dec 11, 2015
Location            : Cikarang TechnoPark Building 3A Jl. Inti 1 Blok C1 No.7,
                            Lippo Cikarang - Bekasi 17550 – West Jawa Indonesia
Representative   : Mr. Hirohisa Ibori, CEO
Business           : Design and development of automobiles,

                            railway  and other transportation-related machines and parts.
Capital              : 29.25Million USD (117JPN/USD)


2014/11/10 Announcement of Tokyo Design Center relocation

We have moved our Tokyo Design Center for expanding our business in Kanto area.


New Address:  DainiEikou Bldg. 2nd Floor, 1-5-7 Onna, Atsugi, Kanagawa

Access         :  12 minutes' walk from Honatsugi Station on Odakyu Railway Odawara Line



2014/06/25 Announcement of executive appointments

HIVEC announced the following personnel changes on 25 June, 2014.


1. Director


Name Position
    Toshihide Deguchi     Adviser Director
    Takashi Shimizu     President
    Masaaki Uchiyama     Director
    Eiji Yamanouchi     Director
    Yoriyuki Ino     Director
    Masato Uno     Director
    Hirofumi Imanishi     Director
    Teruyoshi Samejima     Auditor



2. Executive Officer


Name Position
    Osamu Toyokura     Executive Officer



2014/02/03 Approved "Cross-field-partnership new business development plans"

Our development of The Lead Battery Reuse and Recharge apparatus was approved
 "Cross-field-partnership new business development plans" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
This approval is given to activities by Enterprise indifferent fields wherein they work together in organic ways,

 (producing  and selling new products) combining their managerial resources to develop new business areas.


[Certified Business Plan]

Commercialization of The Full Automated Lead Battery Reuse and Recharge apparatus superimposed by two type pulse waves.

2013/05/21 Announcement regarding establishment of subsidiary in India

HIVEC Inc. has established its subsidiary "HIVEC RHINO TECHNOLOGIES Pvt. Ltd." in Tamilnadu, India,

aiming at enhancing its responses to the needs towards growing Indian automotive and railway market.




Establishment   : May 7, 2013

Location              : 6/A, Srisailakshmi Nagar, Bangalore main road, Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram,

     Tamilnadu, India

Representative  : Naotaka Sakamoto

Business            : Design and development of automobiles, railway and other transportation-related

                                machines and parts

Capital                 : 28 million rupees

URL                     : http://www.hivecrhino.com/

2012/06/20 Acquired ISO9001:2008 certification

HIVEC Main Design Center acquired ISO9001:2008 certification, the international standards for quality

management system.

Scope of registration: Design and development of automobiles, trains, and the other machinery and equipment


We acquired ISO9001 to ensure that our products and services consistently meet customer's requirements, and that quality is consisntently improved.


2012/02/08 Awarded "Certified IT Management Company"

HIVEC was awarded "Certified IT Management Company"  of the IT Management Awards for Small

and Medium Enterprises 2012 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


We were recognized our efforts to conduct IT management exceed the specified standards.


IT Management Awards for Small and Medium Enterprises 2012

2011/12/28 Chinese and English website opened
2011/04/05 Test drive event of HIVEC's EV conversion was held

HIVEC has completed a prototype EV (electric vehicle) conversion as our first model, and test drive

event was held.  We invited Mr. Yoshihisa Murasawa who is President Adviser of Tokyo University

and he has been instrumental in spread of EV.  Also, Hiroshima city and related organizations,

production relations, and the press attended this event.


HIVEC modified the automatic transmission light vehicle, and to keep 4 passengers and luggage space. 

Our EV has enough acceleration and power going uphill with high power motor.

This EV is used as HIVEC company car, and we will continue to evaluate and improve performance.

2010/12/01 Entered into business partnership with Chinese parts suppliers

Business Alliance with parts manufacturers in China was published in Chugoku newspapers.


HIVEC signed a business collaboration agreement with Chinese parts supplier.  We offer a wide

range of technical supports for parts development, quality control, and manufacturing process

management.  And we provide high quality and inexpensive parts for local Japanese automobile

manufacturers in China.